How To Buy The Most Suitable Baby Monitor For Your Baby

A baby monitor is a sort of radio device used to listen for any sounds or movements made by your infant. The audio unit has a microphone and a transmitter unit which is placed close to the child. This then transmits any sound made by the child by radio waves to the receiver unit which is with the parent or person looking after them. The best baby monitors even come with a two way communication facility where the parent may talk back to the infant when necessary to soothe or comfort them. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, child cams are also available. With these hi-tech cameras you can now even see your little one and keep an eye on him/her.

baby monitorsWhy Use Baby Surveillance?

The main purpose of any child monitoring device, either video or audio is to allow the adult to go into another room without having the fear of not knowing if the infant has started to cry or not. With these units you will immediately know when the child makes the slightest sound. This especially proves very efficient when you live in a large house. Now when you simply want to relax or get some other work done when your child is taking a nap, instead of just sitting by and doing nothing, you can go about doing your work knowing that as soon as your child makes the slightest noise, you will know. These are the advantages in having and using good child surveillance devices.

The Best Video Baby Monitors

These are also known as baby cams. These types of units make use of a video camera which transmits pictures to the receiver, either a portable LCD screen or the television. It is somewhat similar to a surveillance camera. Most video monitors even operate at night with low light levels. They come with this night vision feature where infrared LED’s are attached to the front of the camera which allow the adult or parent to keep an eye on the child even in a dark room. The best baby monitor with this feature will switch to the night vision mode automatically as it turns dark.

Movement Devices

A movement device is a baby monitor that makes use of sensor pads which helps detect any movement made by the infant. If the child’s movements stop for more than twenty seconds, an alarm goes off.

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Wired and Wireless Options

Most child surveillance units are generally wireless, however some may still use wires to operate. Wireless devices work by using radio frequencies that are given out by the government for unlicensed use. Digital audio systems that use DECT are known to be resistant to any sort of interference and also have a large range of up to 300 metres.

Smartphones used as monitors

Nowadays, the latest technology uses smartphones as a baby monitoring option. When this software detects a sound, it automatically dials a particular telephone number, alerting you to the sound made by the child and providing you with peace of mind from any location.

Other Options

Another option is to use battery operated receivers that may be carried around by the adult through the house. The transmitter stays near the baby and is generally plugged in to a socket. The best baby monitors even come with some sort of visible signal along with the audio feature. They may have a set of lights to indicate the level of noise. Others may even have a vibrating feature which proves useful to people with hearing disabilities.

Some of the latest features are transmitters that can monitor more than one room at the same time. Temperature sensors is another new feature added to certain units. Snapshot recording to micro SD is another feature.


Importance Of Finding The Best Baby Monitor

There are several reasons as to why a parent should own and use a child monitoring device.

  • Child’s Safety

    And for your own peace of mind: Using a child monitoring device allows you to know what is going on in your child’s room without you actually having to be there. You could do any other chore or job anywhere else in your home and be assured that your infant is doing great. Knowing that your infant is safe gives you a sense of comfort and also peace of mind.

  • Time to yourself:

    Having some time to yourself to do what you want, whether it is just lying down or watching television or reading a book, it is invaluable when you have a small child to take care of. Getting that free time away from your young one is very important as it helps in keeping you feeling sane and normal. Using one helps in getting this time as you can keep an eye on your infant from any other part of the house as well.

  • Getting proper sleep:

    Getting proper sleep is the most important for parents of a new born. You need the energy to look after the infant. Inadequate sleep and rests causes irritation, fatigue and even depression. If you use an infant unit you will be able to get the required rest, without having to worry about the little one.


Best Available Options For A Child Monitoring Device

There are several models to choose from, once you decide you need one. Each one varies from the other due to different features. Audio versions are now the most basic and simplest available today. There is often quite a wide range in price, depending on the model and the features that come with it. There are buying guides to different kinds of monitors available, and your choice will often depend on how many extra features you want.

  • Digital Video Units

    The best baby monitor in this category is extremely sophisticated and has top notch technology. The main advantage in using this type of device is that there is no interference from telephones, cell phones or any other home electronics such as the microwave, television broadband etc. These digital video versions come with cameras and a talk back facility that allows you to talk to your babies when they are in their crib. This type also has an internet facility that can be connected to your laptop enabling your child to be seen only by you and no one else.

  • Digital Sound Device

    These units help in monitoring your child’s sounds from in and around the house. Different models come with a different range. Some even come with two parent units. Phillips DCET, BT 150 are some of the brands that manufacture these.

  • Multiple camera options

    These have two or more camera’s connected to the transmitter with a single parent unit are known to be ideal for monitoring twins or triplets. This makes it easier on the parents of two or more babies.

  • Night vision

    These make it possible to keep an eye on your children even in low light conditions. Infrared technology makes this possible. The night vision feature automatically turns on once it starts to darken in the room.

  • Webcam

    People who work from home find these very convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is connect a webcam to keep an eye on your infant. This also requires minimal technical knowledge. These webcam versions can be connected to your mobile phone, computer or laptop.

  • Infant Sensor

    These designs are the latest technology which uses sensor pads that are generally placed under the mattress and senses the child’s movements caused by the heartbeat. An alarm goes off immediately if there is no movement for more than 30-40 seconds.

  • Talkback Options

    This type of monitoring system is also very popular as it allows the parent or guardian to talk to the child or infant from a different room altogether. It enables a two way communication between the child and the parent with these units. It is most efficient and very useful.

Apart from the types of child minding options mentioned above there are several more that you can pick and choose from. The easiest way to decide which model is right for you is to think of the house and the environment you live and work in. It depends on the size and design of your home. You should buy only once you have made a fully informed decision on the one that is right for you and your loved one.


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