Latest Baby Monitor Reviews

There are several brands like Fisher Price, Phillips Avent, Samsung, Angel Care and Withings which manufacture various kinds of baby monitors. Each of these designs have their own unique features which make them different in either a good or bad way. Baby monitor reviews are quite common nowadays as they have proven to be very useful to people looking to buy child monitoring devices. These reviews help them in making the right choice by providing detailed reviews given by users of that particular brand.

Fisher Price

monitor designsFisher Price is one of the world’s leading brands in children’s toys and other accessories. Their goods are known for their excellent quality and standards throughout the world. Infant monitoring units are one of their main products and according to several baby monitor reviews are considered to be the best monitoring devices in the world.

Lights And Sounds Model

Their Lights and Sounds unit truly gives you a sense of safety and security. This model has lights on both sides of the device, which makes it greatly visible from anywhere in the room or house. It uses digital technology with a range of up to 122 metres and it also has a portable parent unit. This wonderful device even has a night light that can be left on beside the infant lying in the bed or crib. It also comes with a volume control and an indicator which shows when the battery is low.

Need Longer Range?

Another great choice based on many baby monitor reviews is from the brand Fisher Price and is the Long Distance monitoring unit which has a range of up to 900 feet in open space. This is an analog monitoring device and has around four channels to help in fighting other interference. However, being analog it may be susceptible to picking up signals from your neighbours. Other baby monitor reviews suggest that using this in a house that has a dense population in the surrounding area may not be such a good idea. The advantages in using this model are that it has a great signal in an open space and it is not all that expensive as compared to the Lights and Sounds model. Another advantage is that both the units are quite light in weight and small, therefore easily portable. This long distance version costs around thirty five dollars.

Phillips Avent

baby 1According to certain baby monitor reviews, the Phillips Avent Digital Video model is top notch but not really worth the extra money. The Avent division of Phillips is one of the most well known brands of infant products. However, due to this brand name the price is quite steep. If you can get over this small hiccup, the product in itself is quite good.


This one has an automatic channel selection which assures you of a strong signal at all times. It has a screen that automatically switches on when any slight noise is detected from your loved one. Another special feature of this unit is that it plays lullabies through the camera unit which is fixed in the child’s room, near the crib. The major advantages are that it has a superb picture and sound quality. The screen activates automatically even at the slightest sound from the room due to the extremely sensitive nature of the camera’s microphone.


However, this model does not have any pan or zoom in options, which are somewhat of a disadvantage, especially with the kind of money being spent. This child video monitor comes with an indicator to show when the power in the unit is low. It also comes equipped with a nightlight and also volume and brightness controls. The fact that it comes in the colour black is not appreciated by a lot of people as they find that white is a better colour for a device to be placed near your young one.


The Samsung EzVIEW video device often gets the best baby monitor reviews in the market. This is a digital version and is not prone to interference from other wireless devices from somewhere else nearby in the neighbourhood. The parent unit is as clear as crystal with picture perfect images shown from the camera put up in the baby’s room. The parent unit consists of a 2.4 inch screen which is easily portable and also very easy to view. This Samsung video unit even has a built in SD card slot through which you can view and share videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.

Night Vison And Other Features

Another great feature of this model is the night vision camera which provides a very clear picture of your child even in low light conditions. The two way talk facility allows you to converse with your child from another room in your house very clearly. This hi-tech option even comes with a temperature gauge which sets off an alarm if it gets too cold or hot in the room. Apart from these wonderful features, the Samsung EzVIEW also comes with a night light, an out of range indicator, a built in alarm and a sleep mode option. It has a radio range of up to three hundred and fifty feet and also has a vibration alert option. It is a battery powered unit which weighs less than one pound. There are practically no faults to be found with this Samsung model and is definitely worth the money spent.


baby 2Withings was the first brand to come out with a Smart Baby child monitoring unit. This uses an iPad or iPhone as your monitoring platform. This unit connects using Wifi and can stream video of your baby from any room in the house. This application can also tell you the temperature and humidity levels in the room and also the noise levels. Using this application, alerts can be set up to go off for these various readings. The 3 mega-pixel camera comes with the night vision mode which works well in low light conditions. You can even sing lullabies and speak to your child to soothe him/her with your voice. According to many baby monitor reviews on this product, even though the picture quality isn’t all that good, the night vision mode works quite well. This application remains open even when you are using other applications like Email etc., which enables you to hear any noise or sound even when you are using the iPhone or iPad for other purposes. This unit cost around 269 pounds sterling when it launched.